Who we are

Our Vision

We position ourselves as the Strategic HR Partner for Africa's development. Therefore we want to be the firm in which those who believe in Africa would like to work or associate.

Our Mission

Become the # 1 HR firm led by Africans in Africa by 2030.

Our Values

We are passionate about Africa : Africa is both the cradle of humanity and the continent of the future. We believe that Africa has the greatest wealth: a young and numerous population. 60% of Africans are under 30 years old. Africa is replete with the natural resources indispensable to the technological industry in the world. It is at the center of the new geopolitics of mineral resources and energy. Africa is the continent that will draw the new map of economic growth. Its development will be endogenous and based on the will of the African people to take their future in their hands. We are among those who have the ambition and the will to ensure that Africa becomes the master of its own future by developing the necessary human resources.

We are proud : In order to support our clients in the development of Africa, we work with high standards. We do not accept mediocrity or excuses.

We are passionate about our clients : We put all our energy into understanding the problems of our clients and helping them solve them. We create innovative solutions to participate in the development of our clientss. Customer satisfaction is our key word.